Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Mary Engelbreit Card !

Mary Engelbreit an artist whose career I followed since 1989. That's when I purchased this card and have kept it in sight for over 20 years...and sometimes it even works!!!
  Well I think it may be helping  as yesterday I did 2 watercolors, one on my 'Place" blog and the other is here,   as a side note, my yahoo address is so messed up if your sending me emails they are not getting read right now... I wish Yahoo would stop changing things,, blogger does the same thing ,, I'm set in my ways,,, no changes needed thank you... BJ


  1. Me too, Barbra, set in my ways! but I like the card and that is the answer. As simple as that!

  2. Beautiful watercolor. I like Mary Engelbreit's posters. I've had a few over the years, and still have the Christmas ones.

  3. A very beautiful painting and post.

  4. Such gorgeous cactus flowers!! Good golly...I need something like this to assist me once in awhile. Exhaustion is killing me, really.

  5. Thanks all, and Sherry feel free to borrow it! I love the way she stares at me. !!! BJ


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