Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blogger Posts

What, What ? is going on with the new blog post word thingy..??? the verification words? I've never had that on my blog. I've never had a bit of trouble with anything or anyone posting.. Maybe I'm just lucky? 
  But I am not able to comment on peoples blog if this ridiculous word thing comes up.. I just had to do it three times to post one comment on a friends blog... 
  Sorry, but that's a bit much.. what was wrong with the other verification format? That was a pain also but at least you could read it.. Maybe my hormones are just frazzled today , but  oh wait, I just  read somewhere it's called a captcha?     BJ


  1. its a stinker, isn't it BJ?
    I've done a few three timers and now I'm giving up completely. It takes too much time and is straining the poor ole eyes!

  2. it is not your hormones Barbra , this verification thing is really a drag!

  3. it really is a strain..somehow I have managed to get them right! We shall see how many times it will take to get this posted!

  4. Oh, thank goodness it's not just me .. I was beginning tot think I'm just getting old and cranky.. !! BJ

  5. I have Doris Day singing in my head over these beautiful daisies, BJ! I wonder if everyone has to sign those things when commenting on my blog? I don't have the word verification thing set up on mine.


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