Monday, February 20, 2012

Just Because!

Yesterday I did the whining thing about blogger and not that I'm over it but wanted to leave my blog with something pretty for a few days. Pretty is better! 
  I used to do a lot of needlecrafting, not really sewing but playing with fabrics.  One of the 'crafty bags' I made was a gardening theme.
   You know me and my 'themes"  art, sewing, etc.

Above my kitchen cabinet.  Old window, old birdhouse, old bowls.
Well to me old is pretty too. !    BJ


  1. I love the old things too....very pretty bag. Have a great day

  2. It is all pretty to me too, Joan. Pretty from pretty, for sure.

  3. Yes it is pretty and some would even say cute.


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