Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Art Journaling

This is it for now... thanks for all your emails,
I"m getting there.  BJ  
Small world for now.  

                                    Leg/Hip ... whatever, it hurts. !  


  1. Look how tan you are! I love your pages and I think having to lay down much of the time is a great way to keep your art wheels in motion like this. I'm just so glad you are feeling better each day. Soon you'll be going for those walks.

  2. Keep your eye on the goal and you will get there. Hope you are feeling much stronger.

  3. Thanks Sher, and Ralph ,
    You bet I'll be dancin' again and will have the pic to prove it... BJ

  4. How did I miss these. They are great. Take care and don't move to fast. Things have been terribly scary and sad around here, as you may have seen on the news. Not a good week at all. But hopefully it's all over now.


Your comments are very much appreciated and I'll be returning the visit. !! BJ

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