Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Golden Lady Bug !

Yes, I discovered Gold!  last night.  Right there on my sweet potato plant!! I knew something was making a meal out of it. And there it was .... omg!
  It looked like a piece of gold jewelry, I took this picture above.
Gold !! Gold !! right in my little back space! Oh I could see it now. All over the tv, the internet..  ' Rare Gold Insect found in Barbra Joans' garden . Oh yes, you know.. that artist lady.'
 I would be rich and famous.. TaDa !!! They would be studying this rare beautiful bug  for years ... 
 Next thing?  Google...  HA !  I bet no one ever saw THIS before..

Of course Google  took the wind right out of my sails.
  Not the most common of insects, but there it was... it even has it's own name .  Milkweed Tortoise Beetle. And it loves to eat the sweet potato plant among others.  Who knew?   And another bit of news ... the nasty thing bites.  No,  although I've been bitten by everything including the stinging nettle, ( another story)  but this didn't and it turned out there were about 20 of them munching away at my poor  little green plant...  Dreams dashed, famous gold bug, not so.. but one thing I found out, others were just as surprised and curious as me..
Go ahead Google ... it's all right there.   I'll just go in the corner and paint.    BJ


  1. You were rich and famous for a few moments anyway. It really is very pretty to do such damage.

  2. Have to hand it to you, BJ. I think you've found one of the only prettiest bugs ever. I've only seen one other and it was a beetle type too, but it had irridescent green/blue on its back. Thank you for lifting my spirits this morning.

  3. might be worth having sweet potato vine just for the treasure!!!

  4. BJ what a bug - such a small gold beetle that could do that much damage. sorry being rich and famous only lasted for a moment but keep looking there might be something else out there in the garden - who knows you might strike gold yet. lol xo xo

  5. That truly is a special bug BJ. ;-)

  6. Oh yes, very special.... It's eaten my plant into oblivion,, the little devils..
    You see, sometimes the prettiest looking is not always 'nice.' Did you ever see a coral snake? beautiful but deadly. !

  7. You should definitely pain this little gem. You would do a lovely job of it. I finally caught up on your wonderful journal and your art. Lovely. I left you a comment on your other blog. So sorry about Mary Louise.

  8. Wonderful an funny post ! Had a few chuckles :-)

  9. Gee I was packing my bags to come visit my rich artist friend!!! LOL Darn that Google anyway...


Your comments are very much appreciated and I'll be returning the visit. !! BJ

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