Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's The Circus !

~Front Cover~
My bio profile lists my interest as 'Chocolate' but as some of you know, my other obsession is with paper and making art journals..  Tedious and time consuming yes, but nothing takes my mind away as when I'm working on one of these.
The theme for this one is the circus.  Finally finished.
I show some of the pages and the back and front cover.
 Personally not a big fan of the circus, and have
 never gone to one because I can't agree with having animals in cages.   Most of our modern day animal parks are a far cry from what used to be.. Here in Florida (Tampa)  we have Busch Gardens where the animals roam free, almost as though in their natural habitat.. That I can deal with. It's a beautiful place. 
 Ok, off the soap box. !
On with the Show !
Some Pages inside

It measures 6 "x 3" and has a button enclosure.
ok ! thanks for looking. !   Bye,  BJ


  1. I love it BJ! And I just read the story of the golden beetle, yuk, what a disappointment!

  2. Lovely pictures you´ve made there! It really looks oldfashioned! Love it!

  3. 6 x 3? How do you pack so much fun into such a small format? This is delightful, BJ!

  4. You are so creative and versatile!

  5. BJ - love your book - I too am no fan of the circus or for that matter the zoo - It breaks my heart to see a dog on a chain or an animal pacing in a cage. I secretly just want to set them free. xo xi

  6. Another gorgeous Journal BJ. ;-)

  7. Thanks to all of you.. Yes, they are time consuming but so much fun to do..

  8. I'm with you about the circus. But what a cute book you have created. Yes Dick Blick was worth all I went through. But the parking garage really had me frightened. I hate those places. LOL

  9. oooh thanks for telling me about this little beauty...I see what you mean about just having to make these journals...this is stunning!!


Your comments are very much appreciated and I'll be returning the visit. !! BJ

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