Monday, June 18, 2012

The Book of Pears

Made a small watercolor journal and decided it will have nothing but pears, easy simple pears. I think if I teach another class here at Countrywood the first thing we'll do is PEARS! easy, peasy pears. I love the shapes, the colors, the simplicity of them.
Thanks for coming by.

This is the outside of one of my handbound journals. When closed it measures 4"x6".   BJ


  1. It is amazing how versatile pears can be and they are so much fun to paint. Your journal cover is lovely!

  2. What a great idea, Barbra Joan!Simplicity. Simple and beautiful, perfect forms! Lovely journal

  3. Absolutely gorgeous and I love your colors too, BJ! You are always amazing me with your gorgeous little art books. I wish I knew how to make them myself!

  4. BJ - your art journals are wonderful - it is amazing all the things you do with them. As for your pears - they are such pretty colors. As always you inspire me. hugs

  5. Wow BJ, how did I miss this, love the idea and your beautiful pear rendition. I have to go and look and your home made journals and the rest of your lovely work. I just noticed word verification free blog, how did you manage that, those verification are so annoying.

  6. Wow your very creative. That was a nice watercolour of the pears. I like it when things have themes. Your hand bound book in certainly something to be admired.

    Thanks for always coming to my website and commenting you always find a way to make my day just that much better.

    I apologize that I haven't came to your site everyday but my school and work schedule have not allowed me to do so.

    Michael Lounsbury

  7. Oh OH No don't get me started. I am not painting pears until I finish all my other stuff. Once I start there is no stopping me. It's "like a fine box of chocolates"! Ha


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