Monday, June 11, 2012

One Of These Days

 I've always liked the color, and the nostalgia of these jars. 
  One of these days I'll do a painting of them. 
   About 20 years ago, ... I was renting space in a Craft Mall and made vintage things to sell, so my weekends were spent trekking through Flea Markets and such. I started to collect these jars, old ceramic mixing bowls, and too many things to mention here.
     I still have a few of these and one is even my water jar for painting.. love that vintage feel.  
 I was probably another life in the 1800's .. BJ


  1. Barbra I know you have lived many lives and have many more to live! Dancing in Paris is still yet to happen!

  2. You may be right JC ... so I'll see you in Paris!

  3. Dear BJ - You and I must be on the same wave length because I have some of these jars on my shelves and was thinking a drawing or painting of these would be nice - I use mine to store rice, oats, etc. You are right - the color is lovely. Have a great day xo xo - Debbie

  4. Oh I can see why you love these, BJ. I would love them too and I also think I could have have happily lived in the 1800s.

  5. I love these. I recently took out my many regular canning jars to use for storage for everything from teabags to quinoa. They look so much better than tupperware! I would love to find some old blue jars! Have a great day

  6. I do use them, oatmeal, all kinds of dry goods. yes, they do look better than plastic,
    I leave them right on my counter.
    You can still get them at flea markets, I use to get them for a couple dollars, now they want $6-8 each one.
    Wow how come we don't get that kind of upgrade as we get older. ????LOL !

  7. I have a few of these that I plan to paint one day too - lol. They are such a pretty color of blue and I would love to see you paint them.

  8. Me too, I have a few and have painted one with daffodils.. they are a gorgeous color. They are that expensive wow...I would love to see your painting of them too. love to you,Diana


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