Monday, July 23, 2012

Time Out

 While walking this morning, yes it's hot,  took my camera and these are a small part of the wildlife that I came upon. 
        I wanted to share some of the nature that is all around me.
The white ones are Ibis,  the gray are Sandhill Cranes.
Sandhill Cranes will be seen in pairs, and sometimes with their baby.  Just two of the many species of birds, and animals that are here. I didn't photograph the Pelican, Hawk , bunnies, squirrels , possum, racoons, fox, hippopotamus, oops did I say that?  Just seeing if your paying attention.. 
   I'm  sure most of you have seen these from time to time, but I get to see them every day. We live together with each other.   
    I have a very small home  along with hundreds of  others.   This community is dotted with small lakes and of course there are alligators. In Florida if there's water there are 'gators. We try to live in harmony. They don't bother us, we don't bother them..  We have an understanding .  BJ  


  1. Nice walk, Barbra, thanks for taking us with you!
    We have eagles here and hawks, robins and sparrows and alligators in the zoo!

  2. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

  3. What great neighbors! I love almost all wildlife (can't say that about raccoons here, but I don't harm them) and love photos of them. Sandhill cranes - now that is some great neighbor! Thanks for sharing with us today. No alligators but we now have 2 tree frogs my Sweetie saved when he opened the pool this week - 2 males that make a horrendous racket when calling for females (who seem to be nonexistent this year, poor boys!).

  4. If this is what you see in a home you live in not by choice I would certainly make this a choice. all a matter of thought really.

  5. Oh I do love the area, the wildlife, the peace and quiet . I deleted the "not by choice" that was meant strictly for the house.. which is so small . . that was what I meant..

  6. Alligators, wow! You have some interesting animals living around you. That must be a lot of fun to look out your window and see wildlife. The most you see around where we live are house pets or deer.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Have a great day!
    Michael Lounsbury

  7. I had no wish nor desire to visit Florida and have now been there twice. It captured my heart ... alligators too! Big hugs BJ, :)

  8. A hippo. What was in your morning orange juice missy. I woke to a coyote in the yard drinking from the pond. I feel sorry for them but really don't want them around. I would love to see the Sandhill Cranes and the Ibis. We get Blue Herron here. I am always amazed at the size of their wing span.

  9. Sharon, thanks for coming by and yes, we have the Blue Heron here and the Whites.
    Your right though,,, no hippos here. LOL !BJ

  10. BJ - what great pictures. I think I would love living with all those birds and wild creatures but you can keep your gators! Thanks for taking me on your walk. hugs


Your comments are very much appreciated and I'll be returning the visit. !! BJ

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