Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some Things I Live With

Just above my workspace where I make art journals I have a mish -mash of 'stuff' collections, ephemera, bits and pieces of things I like. 
A postcard from Paris when my cousin went there years ago, top of a box made from fabric and old buttons, some sort of a bead thingy thats about a hundred years old, a piece of Forida clay hanging with some raffia, a pin cushion made from an old quilt, a photo of my Dad, some kind of angel doll I made years ago.  Trash to some, treasures to me.. Todays post is sort of a diary for me, but as I say in my heading  " your always welcome in my world".    BJ


  1. You have a beautiful world, Barbra Joan, thanks for sharing!xx

  2. BJ your world looks pretty special to me. Such lovely treasures. It is so neat to have things you love close by. As Always thank you for sharing your world. hugs

  3. I love visiting your world, BJ. I think the ephemera is gorgeous and lets me inside your heart.

  4. Sherry , what a nice thing to say! and thank you Debbie and Anamaria,
    My world is beautiful only here in this room.. BJ


Your comments are very much appreciated and I'll be returning the visit. !! BJ

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