Sunday, August 5, 2012

Italy Art Journal

It occured to me that of all the art journals I've made I'd not yet made one for my Italian heritage, birthplace of my grandparents.
My maternal  grandmother came here as a young girl of 13 . Not even with her mother, but with an Aunt. What Courage! 
  What I have out here are some of the papers for the pages and then I'll be adding bits and pieces from things I've saved and collected.
  I've already put together my page for Rome.  Lots more to come. 


  1. Hello Barbra!Sweet wonderful work!
    My destiny was marked by a grandmother who after his family had gone to New York, decided to stay in Italy alone! It was 1921, so another bold choice!

  2. What a delightful journey you will have getting this journal together.

  3. Rita, so lucky to be living there.
    and Vicki this is as close to Italy as I'll ever get!! but I can dream . BJ

  4. It shall be an exquisite book! I love your ephemera that you will include and I just knew you were Italian too. And you have all the warmth and vitality of your heritage. Love you, BJ.

  5. Don't forget to throw the coins in the fountain when you get there!

  6. Dear BJ - what a great tribute to your heritage. Love all the things you have showing that you are gathering to collage. You are so right what courage at 13 to come to a country where the language was completely different. Am anxious to see your book when you are done. Hope you will share. Hugs

  7. I will Debbie ... thank you .. B

  8. Wow that reminds me of my nonna and nonno, they both came over to Canada by boat after their arranged marriage.

    Have a great day!
    Michael Lounsbury

  9. You have a lot of interesting things to put in your journal. It will be a wonderful bit of history when finished.Do share the finished journal!


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