Monday, December 31, 2012 Happy New Year !

Oh yeah, New Years eve and what am I up to ?  well here I am waiting, waiting.  Waiting for what you ask? 
Well last year 2012 had ups and downs, a lot of downs very few ups.
 Most of you close bloggers know I had to say bye to my Angie, 
that was the biggest down and  will already be one year Jan 24. 
Lost my sweet cat Mary Louise suddenly, unexpected, very unexpected as in you say 'goodnight Mary Louise ' and in the morning she never got up .. 
Pneumonia, the hip surgery , and don't let anyone tell you it's not a major surgery, it IS. 
Other disappointments that by now I should be use to, but I'll never understand or 'get use to ' when people you love leave you out of their life. 
The ups were mostly to do with my painting .. I won 5 different awards ... That was a good feeling, and I was humbled by it.
So now I'm waiting to see what 2013 will bring. I'm hoping for the best, I'm still gonna plant my apple  (lemon ) tree, because the ups don't last and the downs don't last either. 
 I'm wishing all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR !
oh , the babe at the top? made her and half dozen others when I was in my doll making period.. Here's a couple more that have gone to friends, family.    

Barbra Joan  


  1. Ah BJ - so glad you are planting the apple (lemon) tree - I think you are one special lady who knows how to take life's lemons and make the best lemonade. I am blessed to have you for a friend. Together we will make 2013 a better year. Keep looking up!

  2. Hey, Barbra Joan, Happy New Year to You! It will be a great year, I just know it will.

  3. Hey Ms. BJ...I hope and pray 2013 will be a wonderful year for you for you deserve it. I know the feelings of unreciprocated love and how that hurts. Keep your heart open, my friend.

  4. I just finished a painting of lemons....I know your tree will the coming year for you....take care, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  5. I hope 2013 brings you nothing but wonderful things. Five awards. LOL Guess what that is five more than most in any year.

  6. I am also hoping beyond hope that 2013 will be wonderful. 2012 was like a see-saw for me too.
    So dear friend here's to 2013 being the best year ever!!!!

    Love your ladies!


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