Thursday, January 24, 2013


A year ago today I had to give up my Angie girl.
She was almost 17 years old.
The empty space put in my heart that day is still there, and no, for personal reasons not able to get another . 
Animal lovers can understand the feeling, I know that, but in the end when the door closes it is felt by only one person.. Yourself .
She was a mixed breed made of 'spare parts' as we use to say.
Sometimes I called her 'the Shnoz', because she had a big nose. Although I took her from a shelter at almost 5 years old, she bonded with me like I would never have believed. At first I thought I'd give her a home because she looked so scared and pathetic, never thinking that she would come to love me the way I know she did. 
My constant companion, day and night. She crossed that Rainbow Bridge a year ago, and I have the memories but can't give that warm hug . It's what I miss most.  BJ

Doing her 'frog legs' in my art room.  

Looking the way she did.  

                                    Just the two of us 'huggin'.


  1. Dear BJ, I'm so sorry, she's waiting there for you. I'm so very sorry. a big hug for you dear friend, love to you,Diana

  2. No, we never forget. There are very few people that we love as much as we love our furry ones. All we can do is be grateful that we shared that love. xoxo

  3. He llorado un rato contigo. Se como es esa sensación. Besos

  4. Dear BJ - I am crying as I type this - now I know why it was a sad day. You know I understand and I cry with you my friend...sometimes that is all anyone can really do. xo Xo Debbie

  5. Your losing your Angie still breaks my heart too, BJ. The two bestest buddies in the whole world...I know the pain you suffer. I still miss my babies that have passed.

  6. I think my first comment was lost (I got a pop up making me sign in to Google - where I've been commenting for the past hour). My heart breaks for both you and your Angie to not have each other right now. I know she was your big love...I still miss my Gio and my Raleigh so much.

  7. A year already? Unbelievable! Your Angie was just the scraggiest, cutest most loveable mutt ever. You two were made for each other and I'm sure she trusted and loved you just as much as you adored and loved her.

  8. LOL! ahh yes John, made for each other ..
    Scraggy , cute and most loveable .
    Thank you .. so much to all my friends. BJ

  9. Oh Barbra Joan I am so sorry. She was such a cute girl.

  10. What a very beautiful memory of such a wonderful companion. My own dog died years ago and I still miss him running at my side each day.

  11. Barbra I feel for you. When my 13 yr old Zipper died my heart just broke. I never felt such pain. Then 2 and 1/2 years later Teddy entered my life and the world became bright again. Your Angie will forever have part of your heart and the memories will make you smile. Hugs dear friend.

  12. Oh, BJ...Bless Angie and bless you...I understand; our last dog-furbaby was Taffy - we lost her 7 years ago last August...I held her and rocked her in my bed until she breathed her last (congestive heart failure), telling her it was okay to go. I spent much of the next few days reassuring my daughter Katie that yes, we WOULD be with our sweet girl again (and I ended a relationship with someone who tried to tell her that dogs didn't go to Heaven...)


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