Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Where Am I ?

Just some thoughts...
I used to have a recording on my answer machine. It said,
"I just looked around and don't see me anywhere, leave a number and I'll get back to you "
Kind of how I'm feeling this week as I'm approaching my surgery next Tues. Aug 6.  I don't know where I'm at nor where I'm going.
But always looking to reach and round that corner I will put one foot in front of the other... Just lots to think about right now..
The photo was taken last night from the front of my house as the Florida sun was setting . Beautiful sky.   BJ


  1. I so know the feelings, Joan, though not for the same reason. You've gotten through this once before and you will again. Hopefully the pain will be minimal and you will have your computer and sketchbook with you as you did last time. My thoughts will be with you and as always, I send you my love.

  2. And please forgive the typo...sometimes I type too fast and don't press hard enough on the keys. I meant Barbra Joan, of course!

  3. Shhh! You are in the Emerald City my dear, where sunsets are golden and evening mists always come with kisses! Dance carefully without clicking your heels three times for you will wake up!

  4. Thanks Sherry. Your never far away.
    Jerry, what can I say to you... You have a magical imagination... and I love it. !!

  5. Beautiful photo, wishing you a speedy recovery Barbra


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