Saturday, August 17, 2013

My World Right Now!

If this looks familiar it is.... A repeat of last years hip surgery and my recovery.  Same movie only 15 months later.
A difficult, and painful surgery yes, but if I wanted to walk normal, feel no pain etc. it had to be done.. so now I have 2 hip replacements.. Who knew this would happen???
Wow! does that make me a bionic woman?  Recovery is a drop of improvement every day.. if you had to measure it on a ruler it would be a quarter inch every day. 
I'm already off the walker, using a cane and my staples comes out next Tues. ouch!
  So in a few months , hopefully like the other one, I'll not feel anything.. It's amazing really. What if I live another 20 years? and then I would be pain-free. What if I don't? 
I'm not yet in the creative mood, that will come.. as I feel better .
This is more a journal for myself of my progress, I don't have much else to show or tell you... My world is very small right now. 
My goal? to fly to Biloxi ( 6 weeks away)  at the end of Sept. and do so under my own power. We'll see. I think I can do it. !!!  
No! I know I can do it !  BJ 


  1. Dear Barbara if we want to grow old, this is the price ... some operation is to restore health (in my case were tumors caught in time), in your case the prosthesis ... The important thing is to react, continue to live that Youth, who is first of all, in our mental attitude towards life and the joy of living, the best that we can. A big warm hug, from Italy. Rita.

  2. Ha! YOU probably could fly there under your own power! No airplane needed! Do you get to keep the staples as a souvenir? Would be great in one of your montages! You are pretty amazing, Barbra Joan!

  3. I have been so out of touch.....I didn't realize that you were having another surgery. I do hope that you will improve each day and be able to travel and enjoy your trip. So good to hear from you!

  4. Glad you are recovering well Barbra and at least you ar looking at art on the wall which is the next best thing to painting

  5. Ahh - a life without pain - what a concept! My hat is off to you for going through with the surgery. I'm sure that all will be well with you soon! Sending my love and hugs your way! xoxo

  6. You even have pretty and dainty feet! Nothing dainty about me, I tell you. I saw a younger pic of Racquel Welch today and I believe you and she look quite a bit alike! I know you'll make your Biloxi trip with ease. My thoughts and prayers are still with you, BJ.

  7. Biloxi in 6 weeks under your own power..... I think you should take a plane. New hips, great but I don't think it gives you the power to fly. LOL sorry couldn't help myself. Just trying to make you giggle. Sounds like you are doing great.
    My friend had hip replacement and then the other hip went. I wonder if this just the way it goes. Take good care and I am thinking of you.


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