Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wanting to do some art but nothing big .. so made some recipe cards from Fabios' site.
I've made this and it's good !!
In days gone  by (long ago),  I used to make 'buttered noodles ' for my kids.
It was  easy and cheap. Cheap was the keyword here. !!
This is a take on that same recipe with a little added.. Lots of parmesan cheese, fresh ground pepper, and you can make it with spaghetti or noodles.. I've moved up to spaghetti.  LOL !!!  


  1. OMG Barbra, a brand new woman? What has got into you? Be careful, this could lead to a five course meal!

  2. LOL Jerry! No, that will never happen. !

  3. Oh my. This sounds so yummy. I truly cannot remember the last time I cooked anything. I guess I just don't care anymore. Glad you are able to be up and get as far as the stove. I hope this means you are healing beautifully and feeling so much better!!


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