Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Don't be envious of us here in Florida, we're having our share of cold weather too... I had to cover my plants the last 2 nights ..
So just did a quick colorful flower... We all need it !


  1. It is a balmy 45 degrees here in Oregon! It did go down to minus 10 though and my garden looks as though hit by a bomb! Happy it is not tomato season! Nice flower, Barbra!

  2. I am so ready for summer. These last to days have been brutal to this wimpy Florida girl. Thanks for sharing the cheerful flower!

  3. Ooh, how pretty! I love how the paint works as watercolors should and do it so beautifully. I rarely get this nice effect!

  4. BJ - this is a very cheerful flower - now could you send me some of these blooms to Ohio - we are without this kind of cheer :(! Love it - Have a great day.


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