Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Paper Mobiles !!!

Whenever I'm not painting you can bet I'm up to something either with fabric or paper.  I love hanging mobiles especially ones from a branch of a tree or some natural element.. This happens to be paper birds, and I will add a few natural beads, etc.
  A few years ago I was at a yard sale, and picked up a plastic bag filled with tiny wires all colors. I thought 'oh must have these'.
  Now I curled  them up around a pencil like a spring  and they make a great  hanger for these. This was a trial of sorts but I'll post another as I go along.. This one is hanging in my art room, but took the photo outside.  
Also decided to make one last quilt, something I haven't done for a long while.  My eyes are not as good as they were, but then again neither is anything else !!!  See ya...  


  1. Barbra I sent you an email but I guess you didn't get it. I have a new email (although I did not cancel hotmail). It is
    I love your mobile. You need to go back on my blog a few posts to see the ones I make. Great minds work alike!

  2. Very Nice birds! I like the branch with the flowers.
    I love it the whole mobile. To me, a home isn't a home without something nice hanging from the ceiling. I use wire from spiral notebooks and ornaments that I change them around sometimes.

  3. You are so multi-talented, BJ! I love this and I'd love to see it again if you add bead embellishments too. How pretty it is!


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