Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Scatterblogged.. LOL !

Yes, I'm back and forth tonight here and on my Art Hearts Place. 
 Well I started the 'Prima' painting again.. A re-do , larger , better paper and posting the WIP on my 'Place' . just click on my link above.
 I started my other blog first  6-7 years ago,  which was supposed to be about painting and only art... drawing etc.
 Then I found myself writing about flowers, gardens, birds, trips, animals, and all sorts of 'stuff'... so I started this 'Journey' blog .. Sometimes  this one is like a diary or journal for me, as I write about a lot of things on here. I try to keep the two separate, but somehow they intertwine with each other.  Art and Life..  

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  1. Art and life are indeed intertwined, for me too. I look forward to seeing your other post too.


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