Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Diamonds in the Palm.

Is this a beauty or what ??  On my palm tree . Spider web with water droplets .  In my backyard near the water this morning... see the fish beyond ??
Nature .. what a beautiful thing.  No matter how we try can't duplicate it .. BJ


  1. Nice photo, Barbra! I have the same thing in ICE!

  2. It is indeed beautiful, BJ! I'm amazed to be able to see the fish in the water beyond. Wonderful composition to this photo!

  3. One of the things I so loved about an early morning run was this very sight a thing of such frailty and beauty. Marvellous. I have started blogging again LOL

  4. Dear BJ - this is so gorgeous. Are not spider webs so amazing! I agree we can never duplicate something this lovely. Can't wait until it warms up here and I catch a glimpse of this same thing. So glad you are having warm weather - enjoy - hugs


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