Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Catmobile

  I sent this one to Washington where my friend Peg ( Peggis to me) lives. Peg is a cat lover. I think she has four and whatever else she can feed that comes into her sights.
Last year Peg invited me on a trip to Washington, and an 8 day cruise to Alaska.  With a 3 day stop in Seattle. I was out there for a month.  What a trip that was ! I will never forget what we saw and what we did.  Here's Peggis while on the ship. I posted the photos on my Art Hearts Place last May '13. 
 They should have been on this blog as it was a part of my lifes'  journey.

And Peg has been part of my lifes journey.. Thanks a bunch Peggis.



  1. The catmobile is lovely.
    I'm tucking it away under great gift ideas, especially for cat lovers.

  2. Wow BJ - now that is a lovely gift idea...I am sure your dear friend is going to love it - who wouldn't - of course I am a cat lover so I think it is adorable. Hope you have a wonderful week-end. Hugs

  3. What a lovely gift for your friend Peg, Barbra Joan! I am sure she will love it. And once again, I find myself pining for the state of Washington. So often I find myself wishing I'd never left. Ah well...

  4. A creative and delightful gift. You are so versatile!


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