Monday, November 16, 2015

So it Happened

This beautiful scene didn't last long, maybe a week. Then a windstorm came and the trees are now bare. Eighteen miles of  winding, narrow road to where I am .  Takes about 25 minutes to get up or down this mountain road.. You can only go about 30mph at the most, lots of bends and a bit steep. 

So I was riding down to get into town last Thursday on my Honda. About half way it left the road and I took a spill. We both were on the ground. I have some giant size bruises on the legs, and above and inside my mouth.  No pictures please. 
The bike suffered a broken windshield. Fortunately some people came by, picked us both up and took me and the Rebel back.
      Windshield has been replaced but bruises are still on the legs.  If the weather is good tomorrow I'll be back on it.. 
The strangest thing happened that I must write about ..
Two men lifted the motorcycle into the back of a pick up truck.
 I was standing (yes still standing) nearby, and a big bright orange and black butterfly circled around my bike seat, and then towards me and the man helping me said .. " A butterfly just landed on your head" I put my hand up and it flew off.  Still thinking about that one. 


  1. I think the butterfly was checking you were OK Barbra, hope those bruises go quickly

  2. life is more mysterious than fantasy and always tells us something! OK, so I have scratched Paris off my "to do" list:( such a shame.

  3. I'm glad you're OK, Perhaps the butterfly was just a visit by that guardian angel we all have. Stay safe!


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