Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Little Things in Life

A Holly tree near the front window is feeding all the birds. Every few days a new group arrives to eat the bright red berries. The other day it was the red Cardinals, it  looked all decked out between the berries and the birds. Yesterday and today it's the Robins. 
In the meantime others arrive, but I don't know the names. 
And of course the squirrels have to get their share too. 
 I think I'll attempt a few bird paintings around now. And if you want to go ahead and use the photo... 


  1. Hope you get a Thanksgiving Dinner that you don't have to cook!

  2. My daughter in Oregon has a holly tree outside her kitchen window but has never mentioned birds coming to eat the berries.Perhaps in her busy life she hasn't stopped to notice. That would be sad indeed.

  3. Hi Jan, maybe it's a different kind of holly, and the berries don't taste so good. !!!! LOL !


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