Thursday, October 6, 2016

Making a Home

I've always liked decorating, and if I had been wiser I would have chosen a career in that field. 
Well, I do it for myself a lot now.. and I found this little oval table in a thrift shop.. It was ugly, dark wood and I put my touch to it .. I love text on anything,. Paper, fabric, everywhere. 
So after painting the table I did just that.  Oh, I really like French text, and found this stencil.
I really like whites, creams, naturals.  Soon as I take a photo I'll put my new rods and curtains that I hung this a.m.  


  1. Dear BJ - this looks like a great piece. Love the text as well. Bet you are making your new place feel like home. Take care and keep safe. xo xo

  2. that is SO COOL!!! if we don't go to Paris we can bring Paris Here!!!

  3. Love it! I decorate in my head but have a hard time getting it done.

  4. French is such a beautiful language both spoken and written. You did a lovely job of the table.


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