Monday, April 10, 2017

Havana Florida

The town of Havana Florida, just eight miles south of the Georgia border and a few miles north of Tallahassee. 
It's the ideal place. Quaint, quiet, and artsy.  Ideal for me. 
 I live just out of town and a few minutes the other way into the Capital.. Busy,  a mix of urban and huge oak trees,  a big University city. Home of  Florida State U. and the Florida State Seminoles.   
 So I have the best of both worlds.    Havana, peaceful, one traffic light, antique stores, art galleries, little cafes. 
No supermarket, no banks, and yet 5 minutes the other way all I need is in the city. What could be better?  I get to gallery openings just about every Friday night.
Railroad Square, in Tallahassee near the University. 


  1. Literally sounds so dreamy, BJ. Keep on enjoying!

    1. Hi Sherry, thanks and yes it was a wonderful day.

  2. Dear BJ - it looks like a beautiful spot to live. So glad you are at home there. Sounds like the best of both worlds. Have a delightful day friend. Hugs!


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