Saturday, July 1, 2017

One of my favorite images is this photo taken of a shelf in my past studio.   There's a small handmade sketchbook and inside lots of  small watercolors.   I used to collect hearts and anything in nature that looked like a heart.  The heart shaped honeycomb, and a heart made of rosebuds. Dried hydrangea petals, the original blue color. A white feather I found shortly after my Dad passed. The legend of the white feather is that someone from the other side is trying to communicate with you. It's been twenty years and that memory stays with me. I made the small flower on the chair from clay, then painted it. I think I had this notion to be a sculptor.  Oh sure, I had a lot of 'notions'.
 I had a whole collections of tiny chairs, and that is one of them.

Another part of the shelf has some of my small hand bound art journals, art, nature, Paris,  just to name a few. A small old silver thimble sitting on that little chair. How do I know it's over a hundred years old? Because it belonged to my grandmother.  A lot more have been put away, I've run out of space. 
Just small joys and I love looking at them.. All of these little mementos still touch my heart. I had to document them here on my Journey blog. As the header at the top of this says, 
"This is more of a personal blog, but you are welcome in my world."


  1. I've always been a collector of art that is of beauty to me. I have a love affair with glass and porcelain, but my most cherished mementos are of little value except in my heart. Things that belonged to mom and her mother, and my mother-in-law: my great aunts letters to mom and me when I was a child, the Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass book from my grandmother for my birthday, my mother's thimble with her name engraved on it and the wood darning form she used when she darned our socks when we were kids, the piece of wood that has a knot in it that looks like a face that mom's dad gave to her as a child, the felt cowboy hat dad always wore when working in the yard...all worth nothing except to me. To me they are priceless. Thanks for sharing a bit of the memories that mean the most to you.

  2. Yes Yvonne, exactly right. Thanks for
    'getting it'.

  3. Dear BJ - love catching a glimpse of your lovely sentimental works of art as well as seeing your collected treasurers. The white feather is especially dear. xo xo !


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