Saturday, December 2, 2017

One of those times

This has been one of those weeks and I need a break.. My brain needs some time off. Had an animal event this week, just a day or so ago.. Things like that get into my head, my heart, and don't leave real fast.   It exhausted me physically and emotionally. 
Trying to put my mind to painting, creating as it's usually the one thing that calms me.. My printer died on me and looking for another, and my doctors appt. got turned upside down.. So have to look forward to that this Wed.  No, nothing earth shattering I know that.   It's that time of year, holidays make me feel bad, and then the animal event.. ok ok so it was only a lowly possum, but it lives, breathes, and bleeds just like we do.. It was hurting very badly.
I helped it, got it to the animal rescue sanctuary, and it's in good hands now. Something like that just turns me upside down. And not for an hour or a day.. It'll pass.  
This wasn't the one I helped, but they all look alike.. Nope , not very cute.


  1. You did what you could, which was quite a bit saving the little one's life. Takes time, but you'll slowly feel better with each new day.

  2. To the 'possum you are a hero! Look at it that way. Yay, Barbara!

  3. Sweet BJ - you have such a sweet heart. Possums are so ugly they are cute! Have one who visits our shed and eats the kitties' food. Guess they are alright with him/her having a meal at times! Hugs


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