Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Are You Kidding?

You'll have to take my word for it. Yesterday I saw a WHITE squirrel as I was going on Old Bainbridge Rd. in Tallahassee. 
Yes!  Amazing as it sounds there are such critters, however I'd never heard of it.
I googled when I got home and it's true. They are very rare and a sighting is even rarer.  So I feel very privileged to have come that close to one. It was just a couple feet off the street on the road side. There are albinos and there are white squirrels. This was a white squirrel.
This was not THE squirrel I saw but exactly the same.


  1. Awesome! I'll bet he was cute. We have a squirrel that's been looking in our windows lately and driving my cats
    and dog nuts. He's just the regular color.

  2. the town of Exeter, Ontario, is somewhat famous for it's huge population of white squirrels. they are not albino, but have a rare gene mutation found in the eastern grey squirrel. I lived in south western Ontario for years and saw many white squirrels as well as bi-colored squirrels. (think tuxedo cat) still, they are an unusual and unexpected sight!

    1. Cindy yes thank you for that. I have read up on them since seeing that one, and yes they are in Ontario, North Carolina and a few other places.

  3. I've seen white ones in Minnesota, I don't know if they were albino or not. Then we had one in our back yard there that had a blonde tail, looked like she's been in the peroxide.

  4. Wow BJ - I had never saw a white one before - we have brown/red/gray and black but no white. Only you would see one!! Hugs


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