Saturday, November 27, 2010

"The House that Barbra Joan Built"

 This house started as a kit but like Topsy in Gone with the Wind  "it just grew".  I built it from start to finish, floors to walls and roof .. I added, I took away..put an entirely different front  and side porch (which  is not visible ) that I made from scratch.
The end result took up a table that was over 4' long.. It needed its own room , I kid you not.!   It was all furnished, electric lights, carpet , wallpaper, and even a handpainted mural on one of the walls... How I wish I still had it ... but where would I put it.?  I kept one small wing chair as a memento .. and have no pictures of how it was finished inside. Keep in mind this is a picture of the only picture I have of it.
  I honestly am thinking of doing another one.. on a much smaller version of course... A woman hasn't lived  til she's built her own house.


  1. pretty cool,Barbra, I have never built one that small! nicely detailed!

  2. My goodness, Barbra! Is there anything that you haven't done? You just amaze me!

  3. Well Nancy, I'll have to think about that one~!!!!!

  4. okay so all I have to say is........where is it now? that is beautiful. I love those houses.

  5. I had to sell it before I moved the last time... just had no "room" for it. lol!

  6. Fabulous Barbra. I hope to do one of these for my two Grand daughters.


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